Praxis Research Institute is pleased to announce the publication of two new books at the beginning of 2017, 'Holy Hesychia - The Stillness that Knows God' and 'Eros of Repentance - The Power of the Soul to Unite with its Divine Archetype'. These two new publications were produced and published for Praxis Research Institute by Pleroma Press in the United Kingdom.


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This great work of St Gregory Palamas is an exposition of a spiritual tradition that has been practiced, tried and tested for over 1600 years. Palamas describes the difference between worldly and spiritual knowledge, the nature of illumination and how the action of the divine may be encountered within us.

It was written almost 700 years ago in support of the practice of hesychasm – the path of inner stillness, which originated in the fourth century – a practice that perhaps has greater relevance today than ever before. In an age when the West prefers to look East in search of a spiritual tradition, to the practices of yoga, zen or Sufism, it is a surprise to discover that there is an authentic and unbroken Western tradition, stretching back nearly two millennia, that has continually offered the ‘living water’ of a way followed by numerous saints.

Although hesychasm was developed by hermits and monks, aspects of it can equally be practised by those of us living in the world today. This is made clear in the Commentary by Robin Amis, who puts hesychasm into a modern context and shows how we can all benefit from this ancient tradition that leads to ‘the stillness that knows God’.

The Palamas text was originally published in 2002 as ‘The Triads: Book One’. This edition is a substantially revised translation of the original text and features an additional Commentary by the author Robin Amis.

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    Images of the Front and Back Covers

Theosis, union with God, our desire to be united with the divine. The power of the soul to manifest the imprint of God within us, speaks to our deepest longing. A call to arms for the spirit, a call to abandon our self-love and embrace the love of God, this small book speaks to our deepest longing. Its focus is the role of our yearning, our desire to be united with the divine, 'for it is the power of desire (Eros) in the soul that manifests the imprint of God within us more than anything else'. Archimandrite George Kapsanis relates how the sanctified Eros can guide us to change our hearts and minds, describing repentance as 'a dynamic condition, a continuous progression towards the Lord … it is the pursuit of the Living God'.

Uplifting and inspiring, these four talks by the late Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Gregoriou on Mt. Athos have the power to lead us to the realization of the true purpose of human life. Archimandrite George speaks with direct and precise language of our most mysterious and profound desire and the means by which it may be satisfied. 'Therefore we understand this eros of the psyche, at its deepest level, to be the thirst for the depths of our own being. That thirst can only be slaked when we achieve the goal for which we were made: union with our Archetype, with God – what the Orthodox tradition calls Theosis'.

First published in 2000 and long out of print, this edition has been thoroughly revised by the monks of I.M. Gregoriou on Mt Athos and represents the definitive translation into English of the Abbot's original talks.

Binding: Paperback

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