Welcome to Praxis and thank you for considering becoming a member, which indicates your committment to support our mission and teaching activities. We are a community of people seeking truth and knowledge and hope to begin local meetings and groups for person-to-person study. 

Praxis is entirely funded by donations and money made from book and video sales. We ask that as part of the community you try and assist in one of these areas, but this is not mandatory as we know for some it is just not financially feasible. We do have a Subscribing Membership option, which means you would pledge a monthly donation and would receive access to future pay-per-view videos, lessons or publications as long as your membership remained current.

Basic Membership

By becoming a Registered Member you will be added to our email list and will receieve periodic email notices about new publications as they become available and future activities planned by Praxis Research Institute, as well as notices about updates or new material, and current projects. This will also entitle you to receive access to future free videos and unrestricted documents that we may, from time-to-time, place on the web site. You will also receive periodic notifications of updates, coming events, newsletters, videos that may be made available for free viewing on YouTube, as well as notifications about new Pay-Per-View videos, lessons or publications that can be purchased - Sign Up Here

Subscribing Membership

By becoming a Subscribing Member, in addition to the benefits of Basic Membership, you will receive access to meeting videos and study materials reserved for committed students of the Praxis Teachings. Depending on the member's interest and willingness to participate in regular (typically weekly) group video-meetings, or  periodic prayer retreats (planned annually or semi-annually, depending on available facilities and locations), and by demonstrating a commitment to the study of the Praxis materials, Subscribing Members may be considered to become part of the active group involved in the research and publishing activities of Praxis and maintenance of the website. For subscribing members we ask for a minimum donation of $30 a month Sign Up Here