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Praxis Research Institute publishes and offers an unusual kind of book, one which penetrates the barrier to inner truth. Praxis is a specialized supplier of Christian books intended to explain, and even to take us beyond ordinary verbal reason into what will at first seem like new ways of knowing.  In fact, to Christianity, there is nothing new about this. It has been with us for many centuries, but for more than half a millennium, our Western world has lost the ability to recognize it.

The Cosmology of Man's Possible Evolution

The Cosmology of Man's Possible Evolution
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These writings on cosmology form the second series of lectures Ouspensky gave after his well-known first series on psychology. They reproduce word for word Ouspensky's own manuscripts and so are in exactly the form in which he introduced these ideas. The psychological teachings approach man not in terms of what he is but of what he may become. About cosmology, Ouspensky spoke in a way that integrated exactly with this classic psychological view of man, the two views together forming a holistic concept of man in the world because, as he said, you cannot study man without studying the world in which he lives.