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Praxis Research Institute publishes and offers an unusual kind of book, one which penetrates the barrier to inner truth. Praxis is a specialized supplier of Christian books intended to explain, and even to take us beyond ordinary verbal reason into what will at first seem like new ways of knowing.  In fact, to Christianity, there is nothing new about this. It has been with us for many centuries, but for more than half a millennium, our Western world has lost the ability to recognize it.

Visual Contemplations Visual Contemplations Visual Contemplations

Visual Contemplations
Visual Contemplations by Lillian Devevoryas Amis depicts the journey of the soul 'from slavery to freedom', expressing in a simple way the subtle concepts of the early wisdom tradition in a series of original and vivid paintings.

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Visual Contemplations depicts the journey of the soul 'from slavery to freedom', expressing in a simple way the subtle concepts of the early wisdom tradition in a series of original and vivid paintings.

The book is inspired by Gregory of Nyssa’s ‘The Life Of Moses’, in which he uses the familiar story of Moses' life as a metaphor of the spiritual journey. These paintings may be seen as representing the third stage in a process: the first being the Biblical text of the narrative, or the ‘historia’. The second, St. Gregory’s commentary on the text, or what was called ‘theoria’, a contemplation on the deeper aspects hidden in the narrative. And the third, in which the intention of the artist is to bring to life the inner meaning of the text through painting  - one might say a kind of ‘pictoria’ - a visual contemplation.

Visual Contemplations combines original art together with text from ‘The Life of Moses’ and the author’s observations in a unique and modern representation of perennial wisdom.

Lillian Delevoryas is an accomplished artist whose work has been exhibited internationally over the last six decades. With the skill of an iconographer, the eye of a designer and the wisdom of
maturity, the artist presents a series of paintings that illustrate one of the foundation stories of western culture.

Original visual interpretation of ancient wisdom, expressed through the image of contemporary art. This book reflects a spiritual classic, seen through the ‘eye of the heart’.

Reviews of Visual Contemplations:

‘The book is artistically produced, beautiful to handle, with a maturity of style and illustration that complement the text and elucidate it. I congratulate you – without any doubt the book will be of benefit to the spiritual and devotional life of whoever reads it.
It goes without saying that I recommend your book and applaud your decision to produce the series of paintings and designs to accompany them, thereby making it one of profit to the reader – whether Orthodox or otherwise.’

Gregorios, Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain

‘The illustrations show a pure, almost child-like innocence together with a profound understanding of historical styles, freely combined in each work  and achieved with harmonious precision. Such a bold approach in composition is possible only by boundless artistic freedom.
The unexpected rhythms of the visual elements and the vibrant colours create a high vibration in each illustration, inviting the viewer to reach up to the lofty level of the work. Besides that, all illustrations carry an air of light and clear quietness, which is why these new visual solutions are convincing – the freedom of visual language and the diversity of elements together lead to Unity. The book is a real artistic achievement.’

Vladimir Naumez, Artist

Extent:  80pp

Size:  240 x 168mm Illustrations:  20 colour

Binding:  softback, with French flaps 

ISBN: 978-­â€1-­â€908326-­â€84-­â€3

published by: Sansom & Co, 81g Pembroke Road Clifton, Bristol BS8 3EA,