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A Different Christianity PDF
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After editing Mouravieff, Ouspensky and Theophan, Robin Amis, director of Praxis Institute, finally wrote his own book, A Different Christianity, the distillation of more than fourteen years of research into traditional sources of the Royal Way, a Christian spiritual discipline little known to the Western world. This work is now available direct from PRAXIS.

The book has since been reprinted many times. It is available from bookshops in the UK or USA, or direct from Praxis Bookshop. It forms a valuable guide to the forgotten Christian roots of our own civilisation. In those roots lies the solution to many of the problems besetting the western psyche. From this, the origins of our lost morality can be rediscovered and restored.

Paperback 6"x9"

300+ pages - published by SUNY in 1995 - now in excess of 10 printings

Another book - The Way of Theosis - is nearing completion.

Amis here reveals the stream of the inner tradition from which Gurdjieff's teachings arose, in simpler form designed for a secular world and with additions borrowed from other inner traditions. This method is not one of obedience but of personal choice originating from a certain state of mind (sometimes called conscience) and resulting in a change of consciousness described as "waking up." In a striking anecdote resulting from his years of research, Amis informs us that, shortly before his death, Gurdjieff arranged for a group to travel to Mount Athos in an effort to re-establish contact with the tradition." (Review by Theodore J. Nottingham in Gnosis magazine.)

Originally published by State University of New York (SUNY) in 1995, but passed to Praxis and to the Author several years later, and since then its sales have slowly increased.