Seeking Self

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Searching for the Self within

Something strange has happened in modern life, so that we do not know ourselves, do not know what we are, of what our self consists. Not only this; but this very question seems strange to us, for we do not know that we do not know ourselves. The best way to put it is that we have the strangest relation to ourselves.

To understand this strange relationship we have with ourselves, we need to understand certain things about modern life - and about our relationship with ourselves under modern conditions.

To understand what I mean by all this, ask yourself: What are we? What is my Inner Identity?
You are a human being, but think for a moment:

To be human, what does that mean?

Ask yourself, “Who am I?” “What does my I consist of?”
"Am I this body?"
"Will I disappear when my body dies?"

There is something more. The body ‘contains’ the psyche: all other inner activity that is the sign inside us that we are alive; that ends with death.

This adds up to all our inner experience.

Also found within you but not a part of your ordinary experience of yourself is the inmost self that experiences; that is the ultimate recipient of all your experiences, but which only experiences itself only when it is stripped of all ordinary everyday experience for a moment.

When all ordinary knowing ends, we know ourselves in a different way.